jEdit SVN repo path

Current path is svn co jEdit

Java 8 and beyond – Java 8 and beyond keynote by Mark Reinhold, Brian Goetz, Stephen Chin, Richard Bair – Aggregate Operations.

CGI, Jetty and WordPress

CGI support in Jetty The Jetty brings an CGI servlets out of the box. The servlet class is org.eclipse.jetty.servlets.CGI and is contained in the jetty-servlets module. To make this class generally available in jetty it must be added in the start.ini file of jetty: `# Enable optional servlets module # –module=servlets` WordPress The Fedora distribution does package WordPress for easy installation and upgrade via it’s package manager.

Fedora 19 and JSAM

Fedora 19 has a very strict SELinux policy for Java applets. It de-facto blocks the Junpier Networks Java – Secure Application Manager (JSAM) to bind to a local loopback address. See also this bug report: 1015795 To use JSAM or similar Java applets, you may disable the relevant policy with: setsebool -P unconfined_mozilla_plugin_transition 0